Work in progress 

Last night I joined some bits together at the top of the hood (“grafting”). 

This morning I’m taking the scissors to the front of the hood  (“steeking”). 

Phew! Dusting off the book of techniques for this one! #Ooa Hoodie Kate Davies pattern and yarn.

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Rural idylls

When your walk home from school looks like this.

And you’ve just “met” your great great grandfather for the first time in this photo. 

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Hoodie nearly ready 

It’s usually a mistake to try and get a knitting project finished before leaving on a trip. Doomed to failure.  This time I thought I was nearly there but forgot the 30 cm extra of hood. Doh! Pattern and wool from Kate Davies Ooa Hoodie.

So setting off to visit the long-lost cousins with these in the luggage instead.

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grellow dreams

I couldn’t see the point of grellow until now. This Blacker Yarns Shetland and silk blend is making me dream of a wavy edged scarf that surely won’t be finished before fashion has moved on from grellow completely. But who cares about fashion, eh?

Old-fashioned inspiration. This yarn is so gorgeous, fine, lustrous and toothy: I hand-wound a skein into a ball yesterday and it took me 45 minutes. Now investing in a “swift” as there is no-one in the family capable of sitting still for that long.

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Scot Free –

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Am I Normal? 

 I’m recovering from a bad cold. Is it normal that I end up in the kitchen for hours wiping, dusting, emptying jars and packets into fancy jars and tins, baking brioche and tidying the TEA drawer? 

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I finished this at bedtime last night and obviously went to bed cuddling it. So soft and woolly. The swatch is prep for the Ooa Hoodie from Kate Davies.  

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