Working from home


Achieved my Master’s in Systems Biology on August 7th 2020. The last few months were a matter of overcoming hurdle after hurdle but I did it!

Pictured is my haul of birthday presents including a hand-dyed hand-woven scarf and a home-made shibori throw and an oil-painting all of which are crafting efforts from my amazing family. I am 50 now. I really don’t feel 50.

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Prunus spinosa

Dear Blackthorn,

I forgive you for puncturing my tyres.

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Sitting on the rocks

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On holiday


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“I want to know” and “I learned today”

I want to know Louise BourgeoisThese two works by Louise Bourgeois are right in tune with my feelings these days.

Louise Bourgeois

I learned today, and it made my day

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Buster Keaton, Steve McQueen, Nina Simone


stevemcqueenBuster KeatonI listened to a great episode of BBC 6 music’s Sound and Vision with Steve McQueen the film director.

At minute 22 or so, they play a Nina Simone track that was new to me – Wild is the Wind. The piano, the voice, the atmosphere were so strong I felt quite obliterated for a moment.
McQueen’s long ago Turner Prize win was mentioned in passing – in a series of photographs, a house is falling on his head, but he is standing just where an empty  window frame will save his life. This desperate trick was originally Buster Keaton’s.
I urge you to spend a minute or two watching Buster Keaton. The sheer beauty of it – and we should all have a bit of beauty in every day, shouldn’t we.
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Blending in

Episode 3

This is the life!

No cars. No. Cars. Life is better without cars.

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Travelling in style

Smug feelings on my way to and from classes. Yes! This is really what my commute looks like! (It hasn’t rained yet – ask me how smug I feel when it’s snowing sideways.)

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Cardboard Boxes

The New Life Episode 2

Son at 07:30 this Monday morning (we moved on Friday, his Dad helped him unpack his clothes on Friday evening, school starts in 40 minutes) : Mum! Where are my underpants?!

Me: go and have your breakfast, I’ll look for them.

Son at 07:52 (still no pants,  school starts in 18 minutes) : I think these are OK, I’ve only worn them 3 days.

Me (in the garage, fruitlessly searching the 3000th cardboard box) : éè%%%**-è’-(è&èè-‘è(è&*ù$^llp!!!!!!!!!!

Son at 07:55 : It’s probably OK to go to school without pants, right?

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The New Life

Episode 1

There will be no more apologising for having chosen to live in suburbia.

Last night, just before midnight, cycling along a lane on my way to pick up the oldest from a birthday party, I saw, not one, but two barn owls hunting along the hedges.

They swooped ahead of me, crossing from side to side. I was thrilled to see those ghostly faces.

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