Buster Keaton, Steve McQueen, Nina Simone


stevemcqueenBuster KeatonI listened to a great episode of BBC 6 music’s Sound and Vision with Steve McQueen the film director.

At minute 22 or so, they play a Nina Simone track that was new to me – Wild is the Wind. The piano, the voice, the atmosphere were so strong I felt quite obliterated for a moment.
McQueen’s long ago Turner Prize win was mentioned in passing – in a series of photographs, a house is falling on his head, but he is standing just where an empty  window frame will save his life. This desperate trick was originally Buster Keaton’s.
I urge you to spend a minute or two watching Buster Keaton. The sheer beauty of it – and we should all have a bit of beauty in every day, shouldn’t we.

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2 Responses to Buster Keaton, Steve McQueen, Nina Simone

  1. I remember attending this particular Turner Prize show. Amazing how Steve’s career has developed.

    • ballsofwool says:

      That’s what I was thinking as i wrote the post. Then I went back (in my mind) and watched all his movies again in my imagination. Perhaps soon I’ll make the time to watch them again for real.

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