Make a Menu


Dinner yesterday evening was asparagus straight from the garden and eggs fresh from the henhouse. The above photo is by David Loftus from the book Jamie at Home published in 2007. I loved this recipe book* (I am not big on recipes and even less on books of recipes) because the styling reminded me so much of the Make a Menu book which was a feature of the kitchen when I was wee. My sister and I spent many happy hours turning its pages. It had a lovely hard cloth cover, was spiral bound, but its most attractive feature, to us, was the division of the pages into 3 – starter, main, and pudding – so that you could have it open at, say, tomato soup, lamb chops, and lemon meringue pie all at once. That book was like a toy to us. It also had lovely little lino-cut illustrations.

Illustrations by “The Plant” remind me of those Make-a-Menu days.

I rarely prepare three courses. Thank goodness there’s no pud my lot like better than a delicious orange and I can only do soup when I am in the mood. Back in the 1970’s three courses was expected every day, even from my Mum, who went out to work. And all the 3 courses of washing up had to be done by hand, too.

*actually I see it was from this book that I got two of my favourite recipes: for BBQ spare ribs (basically slathered in every spice and herb known to man and pre-cooked in the oven before going anywhere near the barbie) and slow-roasted lamb (um, get a big old bit of lamb, put it in the oven all day at 145). copyright Jamie Oliver, obviously.

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