Im-reuse-provised Shetland yoke sweater.

DSC_2351.jpgThree or four years ago I knit my son a yoke sweater following Elisabeth Zimmerman’s simple pattern (bottom-up and all knit in-the-round). Naturally, when I ran out of wool just above the armpits I started playing around with all the moorits and muskets odds and ends in my stash, Shetland and Icelandic got flung together, and it must’ve been very cold at the time, because , instead of stopping at the neck I kept going into a kind of roll-top, not-quite-turtle-neck. The wool of the main body was a Rowan bouclé which knitted up like matted papier-maché made out of the insides of old toilet rolls. Last year I almost threw it away when he grew out of it, but I had always loved the neck, so I ripped out all the bouclé, picked up the free stitches, and started knitting down-the-way from the yoke in this sumptuous Shetland Aran 3-ply from Uist Wool.

I love the way all the natural browns come together and the fact that it’s going to be a forever sweater. I just blocked the heck out of it, adding 20cm of girth to the chest, and the stocking stitch doesn’t mind at all. When it gets too short I can just knit a bit more on the bottom edge.

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2 Responses to Im-reuse-provised Shetland yoke sweater.

  1. This sweater is beautiful!

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