A Year of Sewing

I was surprised when I sat down to make a proper record of all the things I’d made in a year of sewing class (only 3 hours a week in term-time, minus some long champagne and coffee breaks) to see just how many wearable garments and useful things I’d made. (Let’s not talk about the Christmas cutlery-holders with appliqued reindeer.)

Note my very subdued grey-blue colour palette.

This year I’m going to challenge myself to make a lined coat, a proper button shirt and (gasp) a pair of jeans*. But – ahem – I’ve just read the following ‘Denim has a tendency to twist due to the nature of the twill grain…to get a perfectly on grain cut with no leg twist, it’s best to cut your leg pieces on a single layer of fabric, alternating your back and front pieces next to each other.’ Thoughts on this: a) It’s amazing what you learn doing practical crafts b) Just cutting out is going to take twice as long as I thought c) Leaving this project til…maybe…next April (zoiks!)

*inspired, as so often, by Karen Templer

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