Sci-fi season: humans and planets 

Wanting to initiate the kids into the wonders of sci-fi,  I made them sit through 2001: a space odyssey last year – that freaked them out. This time round I tried Interstellar over 4 nights…but warmed them up first by watching the marvel of slow-paced, old-fashioned human drama that is Silent Running.
But I’d kind of forgotten what really deep stuff good sci-fi is. I’m certainly finding it more challenging than the Tellytubbies, yet I can hardly wait until they’re old enough for Bladerunner.

WAL-E: our robot hero’s just out there doing his job, sorting out humans’ mess, while Eve searches for what’s left of life. Silent Running: our hero struggles to keep the last remnants of earth’s forest alive under a dome in deep space. Interstellar: it’s all over for planet earth, we’ve got to find another planet to go and live on and sharp. 

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  1. ballsofwool says:

    Macron on Tr*mp and the París accord on climate change: THERE IS NO PLAN B because THERE IS NO PLANET B. 🌍

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