time to stand and stare

A ridiculous moment this morning. 

The news and current affairs have me so agitated today that I even paused on my morning walk to check my phone to see if I could get up a podcast to distract me from the voices in my head. (They say “the world is on fire and you can’t do anything about it”, and if that isn’t the first sign of madness, then checking your phone while out walking definitely is.) 

When I looked up from my screen there was the fox. Right there. A big blond fox. We stared at each other for an instant before he turned and ran.

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2 Responses to time to stand and stare

  1. rachel says:

    Wow, had to google blond fox to see what that looks like. Mostly photos of Megan Fox from the Daily Mail website. But from proper factual websites they look like stunning creatures, watch out for the chickens though. xxxx

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