Brown woolen clog-socks (Cantabria)

I visited the exhibition Del Tejido al Vestido (trans: “from the cloth to the clothes”) to see what I could see in the way of wool.

I was most impressed by the tools for the linen-working trade which all had the savage look of instruments of torture.


There were two exquisite pairs of richly cabled socks, evidently both knitted by one person, one in dark dark natural brown wool and the other pair in natural cream, which were labelled as having come from Tresviso. Other than those, there were no hand-knitted garments : it seems that the most common use of wool was felting escarpines to insert into your clogs.

The pisa was a huge old wooden water-powered machine for felting by bashing the cloth. At Ledantes, near Potes, they have reconstructed one and you can see it working in this film.

The traditional dress of men and women is largely made of felted (or should that be fulled?) wool with a linen shirt.

Image result for escarpines cantabria

There was a tiny, very pleasing display of vegetable-dyed wool yarns. Ortiga = nettle, Cebolla = onion, Nogal = walnut and Equiseto = horsetails!


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