Democracy, irresponsibility, obscurity

I am Scottish, with British and Irish grandparents and a European spouse.

I am a woman, a mother, an environmentalist, an intellectual, a cynic, a historian, a scientist, a mathematician, a socialist.

So many unhappy thoughts come crowding in when I reflect on the turmoil that’s now following from the referendum result. We can’t help but depend on our country’s institutions for a part of our sense of who we are.

The emotional reaction: disgust and shame at the campaign and the result and above all at the craven cowardice of the Prime Minister.

The informed citizen’s reaction: disgust and shame that Britain has gone so far down the road to perdition that an Old Etonian journalist ex-mayor of London and an Old Alleynian ex-City commodities broker have gotten away with presenting themselves as anti-Establishment.

The historian and academic’s reaction: a reading list consisting of: Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty of 2008, The Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2011, The Electoral Registration¬† and Administration Act of 2013, The Good Friday Agreement and more.

The outraged, betrayed voter’s reaction: Letter-writing to every person of influence I can think of in the areas of politics, the media and journalism, press regulation, education, local government and electoral administration.

In the hope that the different parts of me can coalesce into something positive and constructive.

I can’t waste time mourning and I can’t join in with the Let’s make Britain great again, I’ll be plotting another course.



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