A slow spring

Just can’t bring myself to cut the grass.


The cuckoo flower are out. Last year spring was all over too quickly (also a rabbit came to visit and nibbled the heads off every single cuckoo flower)


Cardamina pratensis. On a glorious long walk this morning I listened out but haven’t heard the cuckoo yet. I did see a black stork, (Ciconia nigra) which, according to my bird book, is somewhat lost as its normally confined to Eastern Europe. Well, I’d certainly never seen one before today.


Spot the frog. And apple blossom that thinks it’s roses.


The slow spring means plenty of days to enjoy my favourite sight of the season: the woods slowly coming into leaf. That once-a-year bright yellow green of the oak leaf buds breaking is pure joy.


May is a good time in the garden too. The nettles haven’t got the better of the civilised parts…yet. Give them another couple of days.


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