Applecross Raft Race,(The Beginning)

Inspiration for dad’s raft race?


Managed the first two, that is heading over to the Pier and mending most of a fleet of creels. Ardhu is becoming the most photographed hamlet on the peninsula, but it looks different almost every time you see it.


Little mishap going from the dingy to Alistair’s boat, ended upside down on his foredeck, better than the water but a wee bit undignified. Dead leg but no further damage. Busy Pier as boats being repaired, returned and setting off. Back to Camusterrach


and a chat with the ice cream lady,Sarah, love the is side of living in Applecross and always try to find time to stop and talk. Time running on so went our separate ways, me to cut a few logs and prepare some of my tea, and Sarah to prepare for a busy shift at the Airstream.

Scene set to the north


and south


and weather holding, it…

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