Uist Wool, continued

Spinning stuff for my woolly Mum.




More on the fleecey-yarny side of things from Uist Wool. We spent a part of each day working with fleece. First day we graded, sorted and cleaned fleece from ten different breeds, following the guides of length and softness determined by the mill (more photos in my earlier post). Second day we experimented with the dry fleece, carding and spinning both by machine and by hand. Sheila of Scalpay Linen tutored us for this hand-spinning section. I liked her approach to spinning and choosing fleece: everything goes; there are no wrong choices. This suited me fine as I spun by spindle for the first time in a long time (Icelandic & Cheviot) creating something which could almost be called yarn.


We later moved down to the mill itself where the mechanised yarn-making process happens. I was impressed by how much human effort still needs to go into creating yarn…

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