life after Maths

After a long stint of studying, at last its time to dive back into art and life.

the watersplash

the watersplash

My Mum gave me a copy of George Mackay Brown’s Orkney Tapestry. Its a book of essays written the year before I was born. Thank you Mum. Reading it on the plane, I became dizzy as I was transported in time and space: back through tens of thousands of years or more and into the hard and hungry world of Rackwick on Orkney.

Searching for suitably evocative images of Rackwick (impossible since Rackwick is a unique place, intimate, deserted crofts set in a vast crescent of bay, vertical cliffs behind, wide flat beach, open moor beyond) I stumbled upon this fine resource. Now, I am a great BBCer and I didn’t even know that Your Paintings existed. I’ve made my own collection.

Mike Scott of the Waterboys has always been one of my heros but I hadn’t heard him interviewed ever! Thanks to the wonders of the internet…I could hang on his every word TWICE in one week. Pleased to find his speaking voice is as thrilling and wizardy as his singing voice. (fan!) This all lead on to and from and back again to the Scottish Poetry Library website.


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