Born-again gardener

No time for blogging these days since I am a BORN-AGAIN GARDENER.

The important difference between a born-again gardener and a lapsed gardener (which I was until 2 weeks ago) is her attitude to weeds. Gone! all her phoney excuses about not tidying up too much to help the wildlife…every time you stick in the trowel you chop a worm in two…shhhh!…don’t wake up the hedgehog…

Admittedly it took the garden to become a completely impenetrable jungle of growth with nettles, brambles and all to push me to my radical view.

I feel the need…the need to WEED!

Important to mention that the weeding is just the first step on the road to a redesign: the garden is about to get the same treatment as the poor old living room did in June. A good old clear out. Paths, light, air, space all need to be introduced. Its a biggie! Wish me luck. Got some lovely inspirational books to keep me going. “The Garden Source” by photographer Andrea Jones, “The Essential Garden Book” by T Conran and Dan Pearson, “The Garden Planner” by Robin Williams.

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