for carrying people

Toyota Verso side view

What a perplexing thing is the car! really I just want to get me plus two from home to Bigtown and back without making too much noise and fuss. So why in the name of Jeremy Clarkson do we need a 7-seater…BUT…weeeelll you seeee… there’s the occasional family visit, when you’d really fancy having a sort of Sunshine Coach full of happy passengers enjoying the scenery through the panoramic sunroof…but hang on a minute…just how many thousands of crispy notes are you willing to hand over to the nice young man in the suit to make your silly daydream come true?…and anyway out of seven one will be carsick, another will insist on a window seat, another will have dropped their comfort blanket somewhere inaccessible and oily, another needs to pee, another to eat NOW, another’s sound asleep and the last one couldn’t care less about scenery anyway…Ach!

Renault Grand Scenic 7 seater

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